Vyro One V2

The Vyro One V2 is a German made Hookah and one of the best  travel hookahs for on the go. It is made of V2A stainless steel and real carbon fibre. The Vyro One V2 has been designed, developed and tested by AEON since summer 2018.

Product Details

Product Description

The new Vyro One V2 has been revised and now has a visually new blow-out valve, a hose end piece with O-ring and the carbon sleeve can now be unscrewed from the base (with thread). The carbon sleeves will be available individually later.

With the newly developed blow-out system, it is now possible for the first time to blow out the smoke below the water. The Vyro One V2 was designed in such a way that the entire center of gravity of the Shisha is below and, although the One is so small, it is very stable and does not tip over easily. The hose connection and blow-out valve are both located at the bottom of the One. The fact that the hose is attached at the bottom also prevents the hose from kinking or the hookah from being knocked over when the hose is pulled. The Vyro One V2 has an integrated diffuser and a pleasant draft.



Height: Approx. 10.6 cm

Weight: 1.30 kg

Package Contents

- Exchangeable sleeve  with thread

- V2A stainless steel base (floor)

- V2A stainless steel cover

- V2A stainless steel immersion tube with integrated diffuser

- V2A stainless steel smoke pipe

- V2A stainless steel exhaust pipe with exhaust valve

- V2A head adapter

- V2A hose end piece with O-rings

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