We know at Hookah Haus that not everyone is the aficionado hookah enthusiast therefore we have created what is known as Hookah Terminology giving you a better understanding to all of the different terms used throughout the site.

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is the term used for the water pipe itself


is the act of smoking and enjoying your hookah

Bowl Port

top of the hookah where the bowl sites on top using a grommet

Hose Port

where the hose plugs into the hookah. 


plugs into the hose port, used to smoke your flavour

Down Stem

is the stem in which the smoke is pulled through. Usually it leads straight into the vase

Release Valve

used to tighten the airflow, whether you want a weaker or stronger drag on the airflow


reduces the sound of the bubbles in the base.


a place to put your old coals on whilst you top up your new ones


when the flavour tastes burnt, its time to blow through your hookah and clear the base of the old smoke. 


the place that holds the water to act as a filter as you enjoy your hookah


places beneath your bowl, to ensure that the bowl is airtight as its placed on top


for multiple hose ports. To ensure that the air way is tight



lower in nicotine levels


higher in nicotine levels


Where the tobacco is housed in the hookah setup


clay or silicone bowls usually with one hole in the middle and a deep like tray that holds the juicer tobacco brands. Blonde and black leaf tobaccos


have a spike in the middle of the bowl that overextends the overall bowl. The purpose is to prevent the foil from suffocating the tobacco in the bowl. It allows the juices to stay unaffected as the holes are on the spike in the middle of the bowl. 


clay or ceramic with 4-6 holes at the bottom of the bowl used for drier tobaccos


Coal Burner

electric or gas cookers to get the coconut coals ready for your hookah session. 

Coal Holder

once your coals are ready to load onto your hookah, this holder can keep your coals lit and together without the mess. 


used to pull smoke from

Hose Spring

prevents the hose from kinking

Heat Management Device

known as HMD, it is a replacement from foil and it aids in evenly spreading the heat around the bowl

Molasses Catcher

sits beneath the bowl, it’s a device that is designed to catch molasses and prevent it from falling into your hookah. 


used to move your coals from your coal holder/coal burner to your bowl. 

Wind Cover

a cover that is placed on top of the bowl and it rests on the tray, used to prevent wind from affecting your coals, it also acts as a way to increase the heat generated. 


once the foil has been placed on top of the bowl, strapped down nice and firmly, its time to use your poker to create even holes in the foil to create air flow


A small thin fork used to scoop your flavour from your storage and then placed inside the bowl. Its also used to separate the clunks of the flavour. 


A special changing light to add more flare to your sessions, great for social gatherings to enjoy your hookah sessions. 


a tasteless powder that is mixed with bowl to give a marble colouring to the water. Great for parties and social settings. 

Hookah Starter

used in the starting of the hookah, save your breath, and get the coals nice and orange ready for your session. 

Base Matts

The purpose is a sturdy board for your shisha to go on top. Increases the aesthetics of it and it prevents the scratching of your hookah vase. 

Flavour Storage

airtight storage for all your favourite flavours. Keeps them nice and fresh and retaining the juices of the flavour. 

PS4 Holder

an attachment that allows you to enjoy your hookah whilst you play your Ps4

Xbox Holder

an attachment that allows you to enjoy your hookah whilst you play your Xbox


is used to wrap your bowl in which you put your coconut coals on to. Strong double dense foil will create your sessions to last longer. 



the best type of coals is 100% pure coconut shells. Taste great and hold their ash well. Preventing it from spreading everywhere. The best brand out there is the BUCOCO coals.